Ep 29: Andrew Robinson

HEALTH INSURANCE!!! Thats what I’m doing, buying health insurance because I’m now a full time freelancer. I don’t want to get involved with the media fueled toxic debate over government health care, but i will say this… For me and my family, it looks EXTREMELY affordable and has solid coverage. We’ll see where it goes from here. Im busy drawing and really enjoying where i’m heading. Im working on myself, and i feel like I’m making progress. Tomorrow i may feel different. Next month i may feel VERY different. Im fucked. I realized recently, I’m Charlie brown trying to kick the football, BUT, there’s no Lucy pulling it out from under me. Im doing it to myself. Im my own worst enemy. Ugh. In this episode I talked to Andrew Robinson. He’s an extremely impt figure in my development as a cartoonist and a very close friend. Andrew doesn’t open to many people. What you’ll hear in the episode is rare in depth and personal conversation with one of the best artists to ever make comics.

Ep 28: Cully Hamner

Episode 28: Cully Hamner. Life goes on. I’m past the madness of summer cons and travel, my children are back in school, and I’m going through the final transition of one career to the next. My contract at school is almost up and I’m in full swing on Arkham Manor. I’m not good with transitions. My need to control everything is threatened by chaos. I’m trying to just ride the wave of life. I’m trying to simply “be.” Trying. I’m a work in progress. Ugh. I’m Charlie Brown, except there’s no one pulling the football from me… I’m doing it to myself. No one can be worse to me than I am to myself. Honestly though, that’s only one part of me. I can be quite good to myself as well. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I’m simply illustrating how transition can send my mind into flux. I know this transition is a great one, AND it’s one I chose. So, I’m going to try and ride this wave and let everything happen without trying to control it. The funny thing about control is, it’s an illusion. There is no controlling life, it just is. I’m going to chew on that for a while. For now, enjoy this Episode of Inkpulp Audio. I’m joined by Cully Hamner. He drops a bomb on me. THIS is a captivating listen

Ep 27: Jason Latour, Pt. 2

Episode 27: Jason Latour, Pt. 2. I’m heading to to San Diego comic con right now, on the Amtrak surf liner. It’s really a gorgeous ride, and reminder for me to enjoy the “now.” I’ve be in California for a week already, with my wife and two kids, and my parents. We’ve been visiting my brother. I was stressed coming out because I had to ink two pages while in this trip. No big deal. Two pages over 10 days. The problem is, I just sit and stress about not having the time to do it, not being able to enjoy myself because I have to work on it later, etc… The reality is, I get to draw for an about here an there with the pacific breeze blowing down my back. We’ll go to the beach, take a boat ride to the Channel Islands, etc. All I need to do is put in some time each day doing what I love. I’m not healthy enough to keep that in perspective. I had a few small mental freak outs, but for the most part, I’ve been enjoying it. Speaking of which, there is a Pacific Ocean off to my right. I think I’ll go be in the “now” and enjoy the view. Oh, yeah, this episode is really special to me. A friendship was healed because of it.


Ep 26: Jason Latour, Pt1

  • Episode 26: Jason Latour, Pt1. Ah, summer. When you have children, summer break becomes a giant puzzle. Life becomes Tetris. The giant brick of “i need a ride to my friends house” is dropping fast while you’re trying to place the “We both have to work today, what are we going to do with the children” block. Oh! OH! Watch out for the dreaded “Stay home with the kids and watch the deadline approach” brick, that one is IMPOSSIBLE to place. Ah. Life is a video game… if only i could hit pause. This episode is the first part of my conversation with Jason Latour Jason and i go WAY back. We’ve spent a lot of time in the trenches together, trying to make sense of this business and our careers. Im not sure we’ve made any sense of it, but we’ve found some peace and happiness.

ep 24: Juan Doe Part 2

  • Episode 24: Juan Doe Pt. 2, The Birth of Juan Doe. I’m RIDDLED with anticipation. Well, it’s anxiety… I’m just tired of saying that.I am awaiting word on a gig that I’ve dreamed about for the past 20 years. This is where I’m at my weakest. Waiting. Not knowing. I cant handle not knowing, its a reminder of my control issues. I’m working on it. I’m working on it. I’ll spend the next few days trying to pretend that I’m good. All the while, checking my emails every 20 minutes and running every rejection scenario through my head. Yeah, i said rejection, because there’s no way I’m getting this job. Or so i’ve convinced myself. But, I’m a Gemini, and it’s June. So, THE JOB IS MINE! See what i did there? Enough about me, lets get into part two of Juan Doe’s interview, where his alter ego is born.  Again, it’s June, and I’m a Gemini. Maybe some weed will calm my mind? Xanex? Beer? Fuck it, how about a trifecta.

ep 23: Juan Doe Part 1

  • Episode 23: Juan Doe Pt 1, The death of Kenneth Martinez. It’s June. Well, it will be when you read this… IF you read this. Does anybody read these? My insecurity drives me nuts, and it seems it drives other people nuts as well. Friends, family, and some loyal listeners. I do receive a healthy amount of emails thanking me for my stories, my honesty, and a look inside my strange mind. So, it seems like my ramblings are helping others, as well as myself. BUT. There are those voices on the inter-web who feel it necessary to tell me to “Stop whining” “Stop complaining” Stop Bitching and Moaning.” If i put myself out there like i do, i should expect this sort of response. I just don’t understand the poison that is internet based criticism. It’s rooted in narcissism, “Look at ME… I have an opinion!” I’ve certainly been guilty of it in the past, but i really try not to piss vinegar these days. We’re all just trying to do our thing, why do we need to aim our keyboards at everyone we can. It doesn’t boost us up. It doesn’t help. It’s a social poison and we need to act more responsibly. There’s a ramble for ya. Didn’t mean for that to happen. This month brings us part 1 of my two part interview with the mysterious bass ass, Juan Doe. Ive always loved his work, and I’m happy to say we’ve become frineds. He’s a good dude with and incredible story. His real name isn’t Juan Doe, it’s Kenneth Martinez.  This first part covers his life and career as Kenneth Martinez. Next month, the birth of Juan Doe. This is the juice. Enjoy.

ep 22: Zylonol Studios Part 2 with Andrew Robinson

  • Episode 22: Zylonol Studios Part 2 with Andrew Robinson. Political Correctness has gone too far. People feel like they’re no longer aloud to have an opinion that doesn’t gel with the herd. Everyone likes to find a cause and take a stand, just to have a voice. It’s irritating and ridiculous. That being said, peoples career can legitimately be hurt by someone looking to complain. Thats why, for the first (and hopefully) only time, this episode has been edited. A small story has been removed because there was some concern about the content coming back to hurt us. NOTHING bad was said, i stand by the story and discussion…BUT, in this day of the 24hour news feed, fact don’t matter. This is the second part of the Zylonol podcast… the drunken one.. the funny one. Andrew Robsinson sat in on this one as well. Enjoy.

ep 21: Zylonol Studios Part 1

  • Episode 21: Zylonol Studios Part 1. I don’t know who to feel about awards. Honestly, it’s just a show of industry politics and bullshit, just like EVERY other award show or ceremony. Looking down the roster of nominees for the Eisner awards this year is a real mixed bag. Some of the list is made up of mediocre talent who have become industry dolled based on social networking and industry games. Others on the list are a true representation of the best in the business. When i was trying to break in, i went to an Eisner award ceremony in San Diego. This was a LONG time ago, and the con was MUCH MUCH smaller. The keynote speaker was Frank Miller. He addressed the false nature of awards and award shows, BUT, as he put it “These awards are different… because… it has HIS name on it.” The statement was powerful and it resonated with me. Over the past decade, i have tried to keep that sentiment within myself. It’s hard. When i look at many of the winners over the decade, i feel like Eisner himself would be disappointed. This year, i have many close friends nominated, and i truly believe they are making some of the greatest comics of the past decade. I hope they win. After all, i’d imagine receiving the award feel pretty dan awesome. Congrats Andrew, Sean, and Nick. We’ve been in the trenches, fighting the good fight for a long time. You deserve all the recognition you can get. Even if it is all bullshit. This weeks Episode is an intro to Zylonol studios. We were sober and coherent. We were not for part two. Consider this the set up for the mess to follow.