Episode 35: Sean Murphy, Volume 2

Episode 35: Sean Murphy, Volume 2. A few months ago, Sean asked me why I hadn’t had him back on. He was one of my first guests, and a good friend. I told him that I I didn’t want to impose on him, knowing how busy he is and how popular he’s become. I didn’t want him to feel obligated as a friend to do this. I did want him on , frequently, but didn’t want to be another parasite on his side. Sean, being a good friend, told me I was an idiot for thinking he’d be to busy for me. Why am I telling this story? Well, it speaks to my insecurities. More importantly, it speaks to Sean’s character. He’s a loyal friend. As successful as he is, as talented as he is, that’s not what most important to him. He cares most about the people who are really close to him. So, before you think you know him, based on his internet rants, take a step back, don’t hate, and listen to this episode. You’ll see, deep down, Sean is a true ass hole. I KEED! Enjoy.

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Episode 34: Dennis Calero, part 2

Episode 34: Dennis Calero, part 2.  I really enjoyed this two part conversation with Dennis. He’s honest and not afraid to be himself. He likes to have discussions with people he doesn’t agree with. Thats so god damn refreshing. In the vapid internet landscape of intolerance and venom it’s nice to be reminded that we don’t have to all agree on everything and that we should respect everyones right to their own opinions. Lets all try and be better about that. If you don’t like that idea, well, FUCK YOU.

Episode 33: Dennis Calero, part 1

Episode 33: Dennis Calero, part 1. My wife is sitting here, next to me, watching “House Hunters.” This fucking TV show. People who have too much money complaining about a 4 bedroom house having an “unpleasant” entrance. ” one sink in the kids bathroom? That’s not going to work.” “The kitchen doesn’t have an island?!” FUCK YOU! Once, I’d like to see their reality collapse in front of the camera. Now THAT would be a show I’d want to see! I’m tired people, tired and cranky. I just can’t stand to listen to people complaint about bullshit when there’s real problems out there. Kind of like… Yeah, this podcast. Fuck off. Enjoy this episode with Dennis Calero. Once we got going, we recorded 2 episodes worth of chatter. Enjoy!

Ep 32: Jeremy Haun

Episode 32: Jeremy Haun. I’m back from New York comic con…partially. My mind is still trying to process the weekend. In some ways, it was the best con ever, with Arkham Manor coming out next week, it felt like this may be the eve of my success. The quiet before the storm. A lot of friends pulled me aside to say they were proud of me, happy for me, excited. Some friends seemed to pulling away from me. Maybe, I was pulling away from them? I doubt it, that doesn’t seem like me. Like I said, I’m trying to figure it all out. Jeremy is a good friend, and I’m glad we got to sit and chat here. I know he’s been wanting to do it, but was nervous. Jeremy doesn’t like to talk about the hard stuff, but I do. So, we wrestled our way through this… cage match style.

31: David Marquez

Episode 31: David Marquez. I’m crazy. Seriously, I’m crazy. I know this. I’m full of insecurity, anxiety and anger. Some days it’s bad, some days it’s ok. I work hard on finding a balance, an even place. Today, I’m failing at that… Hard. Maybe this Cheddar and Caramel popcorn will help. It always does. Have you had this Chicago mix popcorn? ITS CRACK, And I love it. See, i am crazy. Like Charlie Brown said, ugh. I’m joined by David Marquez on this episode, the last of my doppelgänger conversations. This episode completes the Bearded Mediterranean looking contingency of comic book creators. Enjoy.

Ep 29: Andrew Robinson

HEALTH INSURANCE!!! Thats what I’m doing, buying health insurance because I’m now a full time freelancer. I don’t want to get involved with the media fueled toxic debate over government health care, but i will say this… For me and my family, it looks EXTREMELY affordable and has solid coverage. We’ll see where it goes from here. Im busy drawing and really enjoying where i’m heading. Im working on myself, and i feel like I’m making progress. Tomorrow i may feel different. Next month i may feel VERY different. Im fucked. I realized recently, I’m Charlie brown trying to kick the football, BUT, there’s no Lucy pulling it out from under me. Im doing it to myself. Im my own worst enemy. Ugh. In this episode I talked to Andrew Robinson. He’s an extremely impt figure in my development as a cartoonist and a very close friend. Andrew doesn’t open to many people. What you’ll hear in the episode is rare in depth and personal conversation with one of the best artists to ever make comics.

Ep 28: Cully Hamner

Episode 28: Cully Hamner. Life goes on. I’m past the madness of summer cons and travel, my children are back in school, and I’m going through the final transition of one career to the next. My contract at school is almost up and I’m in full swing on Arkham Manor. I’m not good with transitions. My need to control everything is threatened by chaos. I’m trying to just ride the wave of life. I’m trying to simply “be.” Trying. I’m a work in progress. Ugh. I’m Charlie Brown, except there’s no one pulling the football from me… I’m doing it to myself. No one can be worse to me than I am to myself. Honestly though, that’s only one part of me. I can be quite good to myself as well. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I’m simply illustrating how transition can send my mind into flux. I know this transition is a great one, AND it’s one I chose. So, I’m going to try and ride this wave and let everything happen without trying to control it. The funny thing about control is, it’s an illusion. There is no controlling life, it just is. I’m going to chew on that for a while. For now, enjoy this Episode of Inkpulp Audio. I’m joined by Cully Hamner. He drops a bomb on me. THIS is a captivating listen

Ep 27: Jason Latour, Pt. 2

Episode 27: Jason Latour, Pt. 2. I’m heading to to San Diego comic con right now, on the Amtrak surf liner. It’s really a gorgeous ride, and reminder for me to enjoy the “now.” I’ve be in California for a week already, with my wife and two kids, and my parents. We’ve been visiting my brother. I was stressed coming out because I had to ink two pages while in this trip. No big deal. Two pages over 10 days. The problem is, I just sit and stress about not having the time to do it, not being able to enjoy myself because I have to work on it later, etc… The reality is, I get to draw for an about here an there with the pacific breeze blowing down my back. We’ll go to the beach, take a boat ride to the Channel Islands, etc. All I need to do is put in some time each day doing what I love. I’m not healthy enough to keep that in perspective. I had a few small mental freak outs, but for the most part, I’ve been enjoying it. Speaking of which, there is a Pacific Ocean off to my right. I think I’ll go be in the “now” and enjoy the view. Oh, yeah, this episode is really special to me. A friendship was healed because of it.