Episode 38: Jackie Lewis

  • Episode 38: Jackie Lewis. Here we go with another past student of mine. Ive watched Jackie go from zero to graphic novelist in a couple of years. Her story is the most amazing success story I’ve come to know in this industry. What i like best about it is that she did it all based on her hard work. Nothing else. Thats refreshing. Her story is… well, you’ll see. Rather, you’ll hear… if you listen to this episode of Inkpulp audio.

Episode 37: Eric Canete bring us into 2015

  • Episode 37: Eric Canete bring us into 2015. Year three. I don’t know how to feel about this. I’ve been going for three years. I don’t think i’ve ever really figured out why i do this or what do i expect to get out it. I do know this, i enjoy it. I enjoy having intimate conversations with friends and colleagues. I like the connection. I also like that listeners get to feel that connection. It’s strange to me that something as unreal as the internet can offer us something so real. It’s what  i got me into listening to podcasts, and why i do one. So, maybe i do know why i do this. Maybe i’m just an idiot. Maybe.

Episode 35: Sean Murphy, Volume 2

Episode 35: Sean Murphy, Volume 2. A few months ago, Sean asked me why I hadn’t had him back on. He was one of my first guests, and a good friend. I told him that I I didn’t want to impose on him, knowing how busy he is and how popular he’s become. I didn’t want him to feel obligated as a friend to do this. I did want him on , frequently, but didn’t want to be another parasite on his side. Sean, being a good friend, told me I was an idiot for thinking he’d be to busy for me. Why am I telling this story? Well, it speaks to my insecurities. More importantly, it speaks to Sean’s character. He’s a loyal friend. As successful as he is, as talented as he is, that’s not what most important to him. He cares most about the people who are really close to him. So, before you think you know him, based on his internet rants, take a step back, don’t hate, and listen to this episode. You’ll see, deep down, Sean is a true ass hole. I KEED! Enjoy.

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Episode 34: Dennis Calero, part 2

Episode 34: Dennis Calero, part 2.  I really enjoyed this two part conversation with Dennis. He’s honest and not afraid to be himself. He likes to have discussions with people he doesn’t agree with. Thats so god damn refreshing. In the vapid internet landscape of intolerance and venom it’s nice to be reminded that we don’t have to all agree on everything and that we should respect everyones right to their own opinions. Lets all try and be better about that. If you don’t like that idea, well, FUCK YOU.