Episode 63: Eddie Stacey

  • Episode 63: Eddie Stacey. From Day 1 at the Tattoo Shop (Ink and Dagger), Eddie was like a brother to me. We are kindred spirits, brothers from other mothers. We both live in our heads, and struggle with out idealism in a far from ideal world. I hope you’re all enjoying this new side of Inkpulp Audio, and my new artistic journey. If not, oh well.

Ep 62: Russ Abbott, Part 2

Episode 62: Russ Abbott, Part 2. Why am I doing this apprenticeship? I’m not busy enough? Is there something wrong with me? Why do I have problems with social media? Why am I asking these questions? Why are you still reading this? STOP! Turn on Inkpulp Audio and ignore these crazy ravings of a mad man, well, don’t read them, just listen to them.

Episode 59: Cary Nord

Episode 59: Cary Nord. They broke the mold after Cary was made. The most genuinely nice dude and the most talented artist. I’d find a reason to hate him if I didn’t know him. I watch Cary draw at every con, it’s a site to behold. The art just flows from him, so naturally, so seemingly effortless. I had to know HOW THIS WAS POSSIBLE! We talk. It’s a good one.

Ep 58: Brent Peeples

Episode 58: Brent Peeples. I cannot get your name right, Brent. Ugh. Sorry about that intro. I didn’t know Brent all that well going into this, and I had no idea what to expect. He approached me about doing this. I don’t know what he wanted out of this, but I think we got somewhere. I hope it wasn’t a disappointment Brent.

Ep 54: Jeff Dekal

  • Episode 54: Jeff Dekal. THE DUCKS! I FORGET TO ASK HIM ABOUT THE FUCKIN DUCKS!!!! Jeff, we’ll have to record a second one. I want to know about these ducks! Sometimes, I make a plan for my conversations on Inkpulp Audio, which is silly. The whole idea is to keep the conversation raw, honest, off the cuff. So, if i have a plan, I tend to abandon it the minute the Mic’s go live. Well, it’s not that intentional. Honestly, I just get nervous, flustered, and I forget. Jeff is an artist i’ve come to know recently. He’s a wonderfully clam and quiet person. Which is great, because I’m an anxious loud mouth. So, we balance each other. Or, Jeff just thinks i’m an asshat who doesn’t shut up. I don’t know. You be the judge on this installment of Inkpulp Audio.