Episode 50: Cameron Stewart, Part 1

  • Episode 50: Cameron Stewart, Part 1. I hate the holidays. I know, its an awful thing to say, but its true. It’s a major schedule disaster. Theres no time off for us cartoonists, so we have to figure out how to attend parties and meals, shop for presents, work events, school events, all on top of an already busy work load. Theres no downtime, so the holidays are a major stress compression bomb. Well, for me, it is. I think i’ll have to learn to schedule some downtime for myself next year. Let’s hope i remember, and that I can afford to do so. Episode 50 is upon us. Crazy!!! I was extremely fortunate to sit down with Cameron Stewart for a two part conversation. Here’ part 1. Now, i need to get back to work and hating the holidays.

Episode 45: Becky Cloonan, Part 1

  • Episode 45. Becky Cloonan, Part 1. To put it simply, Becky is AWESOME. Becky is also, now, a good friend. We recorded this during Denver Comic Con, 2015. I was going through a lot that weekend, in my head. That weekend changed me, partly because of the time i spent with Becky. So, if you’re wondering why i sound like such an asshole during this interview, thats why. I was working though a ton of bitterness, resentment, worry, and fear… plus i was TIRED. Good news is, i worked it out. I feel pretty happy these days. Bad news is, Becky had to suffer though it… and now… so do you.

Episode 44: Howard Chaykin

Episode 44: Howard Chaykin. Some love him. Some Hate him. I LOVE the man. He’s a gentleman, a scholar, and a sarcastic man. Just don’t call him cynical. DON’T CALL HIM CYNICAL! He’ll explain why. Two generations of self loathing, vocal jews get busy complaining on this episode of Inkpulp Audio.