Episode 72. Kelly Fitzpatrick

Mental Health. I keep coming back to mental health. I fight with it most days. It seems to be very common in our world right now. Is it a sign of the times? A new plague? Or was it always there and we are just more vocal about it now, with social media and all. I don’t know, BUT, Kelly and i have a deep talk about it. It’s classic Inkpulp Audio. (Yes, i did just reference my own podcast as being “classic.”) I’m at episode 72 Dammit! Anyways, enjoy, or try to. It’s a tough one.

Episode 70: Sean Murphy is back again, Pt. 1

  • Episode 70: Sean Murphy is back again, Pt. 1. Yup. Sean is back. Three is the magic number! This is part one of another two parter with Sean. Part 1 is a deep conversation about art and life. Part two is all about his new Batman book. Check them both out. Well, you can only check out part 1 right now. Don’t forget, the Inkpulp Patreon is coming soon!

Episode 68: Jim Mahfood, Part 1

  • Episode 68: Jim Mahfood, Part 1. When I was first trying to break into comics, I was more interested in 40 ounce comics than Marvel or DC. The reason being, Jim Mahfood was doing comics that were relevant to his life at the time. We had similar interests and passions. Now, the industry has changed considerably. We can do both. At the same time. Right? I don’t fuckin know! Im still trying to figure it all out. Tune in and listen. Jim and I may uncover something interesting.

Episode 67: Lil D Part 2

  • Episode 67: Lil D Part 2. Life. Fuck. Right? Man, I’ve made a mess of it. Realizing that is the first step towards turning it around. Which i am doing, slowly. Progress is being made. I feel healthier, happier, and sometime overwhelmed. The podcast may have seemed a little off over the last year or so. Well, thats over. I’m back with a new fire under my ass. The coming months will show you that. Bear with me?

Ep 66: Lil D, Part 1

  • Episode 66: Lil D, Part 1. There are some people who are put on this planet to make others smile. They’re like a drug for others. Most of the the time, these people are quietly dealing with some shit off their own, but they keep it in and project happiness onto everyone else. This is Lil D. He makes me smile, ALWAYS. Enjoy getting to know him in part 1 of this 2 part conversation.

Episode 65: Mother Panic Panel

  • Episode 65: Mother Panic Panel. I hope this one isn’t a complete cluster fuck. John Paul Leon, Tommy Lee Edwards, and myself sat down to discuss the Art Of Mother Panic during Oak City Comic Con. I still cant believe i was amongst these two, working alongside them, and on a panel with them. Crazy times. My apologies if this sounds awful, but i thought there was enough good in there to make it work.

Episode 64: Tripps Kaha’i

  • Episode 64: Tripps Kaha’i. I’ve been to Hawaii. Once. Its absolutely beautiful. I have this child like vision of the world, living in paradise means life can only be wonderful. If I were to move, all of my troubles would melt away. Thats silly, foolish, childish. In the end, if i were to move, my troubles would follow me. The truth is, you cant run away from yourself. I’ll just stay here, running on the treadmill of my life. Paradise is in my head, somewhere. Can i get a one way ticket? Enjoy this talk with Tripps. He’s a happy guy and hell of a tattoo artist.

Episode 63: Eddie Stacey

  • Episode 63: Eddie Stacey. From Day 1 at the Tattoo Shop (Ink and Dagger), Eddie was like a brother to me. We are kindred spirits, brothers from other mothers. We both live in our heads, and struggle with out idealism in a far from ideal world. I hope you’re all enjoying this new side of Inkpulp Audio, and my new artistic journey. If not, oh well.