Episode 45: Becky Cloonan, Part 1

  • Episode 45. Becky Cloonan, Part 1. To put it simply, Becky is AWESOME. Becky is also, now, a good friend. We recorded this during Denver Comic Con, 2015. I was going through a lot that weekend, in my head. That weekend changed me, partly because of the time i spent with Becky. So, if you’re wondering why i sound like such an asshole during this interview, thats why. I was working though a ton of bitterness, resentment, worry, and fear… plus i was TIRED. Good news is, i worked it out. I feel pretty happy these days. Bad news is, Becky had to suffer though it… and now… so do you.

Episode 44: Howard Chaykin

Episode 44: Howard Chaykin. Some love him. Some Hate him. I LOVE the man. He’s a gentleman, a scholar, and a sarcastic man. Just don’t call him cynical. DON’T CALL HIM CYNICAL! He’ll explain why. Two generations of self loathing, vocal jews get busy complaining on this episode of Inkpulp Audio.

Episode 40: Wilfredo Torres, Pt. 1

Episode 40: Wilfredo Torres, Pt. 1. This interview is what the podcast is all about. I’ve never met Wilfredo before this. Well, we met, but we never had a conversation. So, here, we do. We get right into it, DEEP into it. I got to know Wilfredo over the course of these two episodes. He’s a solid dude with a lot of life stories. He’s a dam fine cartoonist as well. Enjoy.

Episode 39: Matt Wilson

Episode 39: Matt Wilson. My mind is playing tricks on me… Again. I don’t know if I’ll ever find peace of mind. I’ll keep trying though. Matt Wilson seems to have peace of mind, and I try to figure out how. In the end, maybe I find some answers, or… Maybe… MAYBE, I poison his mind as well. See, I’m contagious. Just listen, I’ll infect you also.