Episode 64: Tripps Kaha’i

  • Episode 64: Tripps Kaha’i. I’ve been to Hawaii. Once. Its absolutely beautiful. I have this child like vision of the world, living in paradise means life can only be wonderful. If I were to move, all of my troubles would melt away. Thats silly, foolish, childish. In the end, if i were to move, my troubles would follow me. The truth is, you cant run away from yourself. I’ll just stay here, running on the treadmill of my life. Paradise is in my head, somewhere. Can i get a one way ticket? Enjoy this talk with Tripps. He’s a happy guy and hell of a tattoo artist.

Episode 63: Eddie Stacey

  • Episode 63: Eddie Stacey. From Day 1 at the Tattoo Shop (Ink and Dagger), Eddie was like a brother to me. We are kindred spirits, brothers from other mothers. We both live in our heads, and struggle with out idealism in a far from ideal world. I hope you’re all enjoying this new side of Inkpulp Audio, and my new artistic journey. If not, oh well.

Ep 62: Russ Abbott, Part 2

Episode 62: Russ Abbott, Part 2. Why am I doing this apprenticeship? I’m not busy enough? Is there something wrong with me? Why do I have problems with social media? Why am I asking these questions? Why are you still reading this? STOP! Turn on Inkpulp Audio and ignore these crazy ravings of a mad man, well, don’t read them, just listen to them.

Episode 59: Cary Nord

Episode 59: Cary Nord. They broke the mold after Cary was made. The most genuinely nice dude and the most talented artist. I’d find a reason to hate him if I didn’t know him. I watch Cary draw at every con, it’s a site to behold. The art just flows from him, so naturally, so seemingly effortless. I had to know HOW THIS WAS POSSIBLE! We talk. It’s a good one.

Ep 58: Brent Peeples

Episode 58: Brent Peeples. I cannot get your name right, Brent. Ugh. Sorry about that intro. I didn’t know Brent all that well going into this, and I had no idea what to expect. He approached me about doing this. I don’t know what he wanted out of this, but I think we got somewhere. I hope it wasn’t a disappointment Brent.