Ep 58: Brent Peeples

Episode 58: Brent Peeples. I cannot get your name right, Brent. Ugh. Sorry about that intro. I didn’t know Brent all that well going into this, and I had no idea what to expect. He approached me about doing this. I don’t know what he wanted out of this, but I think we got somewhere. I hope it wasn’t a disappointment Brent.

Ep 54: Jeff Dekal

  • Episode 54: Jeff Dekal. THE DUCKS! I FORGET TO ASK HIM ABOUT THE FUCKIN DUCKS!!!! Jeff, we’ll have to record a second one. I want to know about these ducks! Sometimes, I make a plan for my conversations on Inkpulp Audio, which is silly. The whole idea is to keep the conversation raw, honest, off the cuff. So, if i have a plan, I tend to abandon it the minute the Mic’s go live. Well, it’s not that intentional. Honestly, I just get nervous, flustered, and I forget. Jeff is an artist i’ve come to know recently. He’s a wonderfully clam and quiet person. Which is great, because I’m an anxious loud mouth. So, we balance each other. Or, Jeff just thinks i’m an asshat who doesn’t shut up. I don’t know. You be the judge on this installment of Inkpulp Audio.

Ep 53: Kevin Mellon

Episode 53: Kevin Mellon. Sometimes, when life gets so bleak, when you feel the weight of the world crashing down on you open your eyes and see nothing, because you’re pinned by a giant tree that fell through your house, on to you. You’ve never heard of that before?  Well, this is exactly what happened to Kevin, and exactly what we talk about on this episode of Inkpulp Audio.

Ep 52: Brenden Fletcher

  • Episode 52: Brenden Fletcher. I’m weak. Mentally weak. I’ve come to realize this. It’s kind of why i love yoga so much, it’s helps me work on that weakness. Most of my pain, is created by me. Eastern ways of thinking teach us to simply “be.” Anger, happiness, sorrow, etc… are a choice, in any given situation. While that sounds so simple, it’s not. Its very difficult to have that sort of mental fortitude. While it is difficult, it is completely true. It is that simple. It is green. (Some of you will get that reference, and to those of you who get it, much respect) Anyways, Brenden seems like one of those people who are mentally strong, well grounded, and centered. What is it with these fuckin Canadians!?!?! They’re the nicest,happiest, most centered people i know. Maybe i need to move there. Maybe i’ll be happier. Maybe not. You can’t run away form yourself.

Episode 50: Cameron Stewart, Part 1

  • Episode 50: Cameron Stewart, Part 1. I hate the holidays. I know, its an awful thing to say, but its true. It’s a major schedule disaster. Theres no time off for us cartoonists, so we have to figure out how to attend parties and meals, shop for presents, work events, school events, all on top of an already busy work load. Theres no downtime, so the holidays are a major stress compression bomb. Well, for me, it is. I think i’ll have to learn to schedule some downtime for myself next year. Let’s hope i remember, and that I can afford to do so. Episode 50 is upon us. Crazy!!! I was extremely fortunate to sit down with Cameron Stewart for a two part conversation. Here’ part 1. Now, i need to get back to work and hating the holidays.