ep 11: Chris Brunner, Part 1

Life is messy. One side of my brain tells me “Shawn, life is cold and relentless.” The other side, the rare optimist, says “Life is organic and ever changing.” Either way, life is challenging. The relationships we form are the support systems for our life’s journey. This is why friendships are so impt. It’s hard to find … I’m high when writing this. I’ll get back on track. Friendships are impt. Close friendships are rare. The month is part 1 of a two part interview with Chris Brunner. He’s the Han Solo of comics. He’ll appreciate I said that. Chris is an old friend.

ep 10: Kelly-Sue DeConnick

  • Fall is in the air, which means school is back in session, which means my Anxiety is back with a vengeance. It’s an ongoing war, but i am making headway. I’ve fought many battles, winning quite a few more recently. The battle of Slef doubt at Heroes con was bloody, but i came out victorious. This summer’s epic battle of “my wife’s ACL replacement” wasn’t so favorable for me. I lost a lot of key soldiers, but my army is gaining in strength. I am secretly planning a giant nuclear assault on my enemy, anxiety. That should end it with one final blow. We’ll see. More on that later. This months Episode is with Kelly-DeConnick. She’s a force to be reckoned with. She was also an open book, talking about everything from her dark days of addiction to launching as writing career in porn. It’s a wild episode. Enjoy.

ep 9: Khary Randolph

Khary Randolph. I get cranky. It happens. Those who know me, who are close to me, know all about it. I’m trying to be better to those near and dear to me, i’m a work in progress. Patience. I’ll get there… I think. I hope. What does that have to do with Khary Randolph? Nothing, really. I wasn’t cranky on this episode. In fact, i was on. I hadn’t spoken with Khary that much before this interview. I’m glad for that. I went in cold, and we had a great conversation. It’s better that way, unfamiliar, unplanned. Not knowing where it will go. And, if i’m cranky, they won’t know… because i save that for those who care deeply about me. Enjoy this one, it’s a lesson in Art, fatherhood, and the dawn of the crack era.  Also, Inkpulp Hip Hop 101 is back in session. Get busy y’all.

ep 8: Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

Episode 8: Darryl “DMC” McDaniels. Life is fuckin crazy. CRAZY! Sure, i talk about my anxiety a lot, but lately i’m thinking there’s another bend to it. Excitement. They come on the same way… Shaky, Nervous, Dizzy, Sweaty… you know, Jewy. But excitement is a good thing, it’s positive. Anxiety, not so much. So, my life is exciting. There. I said it. Now, the challenge is to believe it.

This episode was particularly exciting. I got to sit down with DMC. Yes, D mutha fuckin M to tha C. The King of rock himself. He got me into Hip Hop as a kid, when i was getting into comics. We talk about the origin of hsi music and how much of a  role comics played in his life and art. It’s actually mind blowing. I learned a lot about myself in this interview, and a lot about him. It was truly amazing and driven by anxiet— I mean Excitement. Fuck. I need to calm down.

ep 7: Matteo Scalera

Welcome to Episode 7 of Inkpulp Audio. I’m having a bad month, and I’m ready to whine about it. I turned 41 on fathers day, and i’m way behind schedule on my current project. My complex life has infected my weak mind once again. It’s a dam shame, i was feeling so good last month. There goes my emotional pendulum again, and lucky for you loyal listener, i’ll bitch and moan all about it. This episode also brings us an interview with Matteo Scalera. Matteo is one of the most centered, healthy people i’ve met in this business. WTF is he doing here, amongst the insecure, manic, and ego centric comic book creators. Fuck him. While i’m at it, why the fuck is a Parma native a vegetarian,? Yes, he’s from PARMA. Home of Prosciutto Di Parma. There is something wrong with this man, and i’ll get to the core of why. Then again, maybe i’m the one who’s screwed up.  Along our journey, Matteo will teach us about his history of studying music and making “The Prefect.” It’s life changing, mind altering, and quite simply another way to kill a couple of hours while doing what you do. Enjoy this months episode with a gem of a man and a hell of an artist. Get your coffee ready, and good luck making a “perfect.”

ep 6: Skottie Young

INKPULP Audio, Episode 6… YES… SIX! I am blown away by the love and support this podcast has and continues to receive. Please keep the praise coming, my narcissism cavity will take a lot to fill. I need love people…LOVE!
OK, enough about me and my crazy.
This week i get down with Skottie Young. I doubt there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know Skottie. He’s a ball of happiness and creativity. He’s defined himself as a true outlier in the biz and a friend to almost anyone. I went into this one wondering why the fuck he’s so damn happy, and how the hell can i be that happy. WHATS WRONG WITH ME?! (Shawn, to curb that narcissism. Did i just refer to myself in the third person? Ugh.) The journey took many twists and turns through the dark caves of Skottie’s past. We also indulge in a bit of nostalgia with our shared past of partying, drugs, skateboarding and hip hop. Yeah, we go DEEP into Hip Hop. Let’s take a trip throo the dark side with Skottie Young where we will fake the funk where it has never gone. Let us lick your funky emotions with our cosmic slop.
This is Dr. Travis signing off.
Hope you enjoy,


ep 5: Ryan Stegman

Spring is upon us, and so are my allergies, Oh! and of course Inkpulp Audio Episode 5. Ryan Stegamn joins me on this months jourey into the creatvie mind, or the sick mind as i see it at times. Having children is tough. Being married is tough. Combine those two, on top of a career in  comics, it’s a time bomb. Ryan opens up and  and tells me what happened when his personal time bomb exploded, leaving him… well, tune in and listen. It’s WORTH IT. He also talks about finding success and his artistic growing pains, I’ll share a horror story of my own, involving MRI’s, Needles, and PLENTY of anxiety. This month it’s all about Spiderman and panic. You may need a Xanex to make it through this one. Enjoy?

ep 4: Elmore and Peter Leonard

In this episode of Inkpulp Audio, I sit down with Elmore and Peter Leonard. Lucky me. DAM RIGHT, lucky me. What’s it like to get to interview one of your creative idols? Listen and see. I certainly went into this one with a topic in mind (Father and Sons with parallel careers), BUT Elmore had some other plans. All in all, my interview wasn’t so good. I was too much of a fan and i geeked out. What is good, i think, is that i captured me at my most manic. So, if listening to someone having a complete manic episode while interviewing one of the greatest writers ever and his writing sensation son is your cup of tea then sit down, pour a cup and enjoy. Make sure you’re wearing PJ’s, slippers and a Nine Inch Nails T Shirt.
Oh, Also, i tell my true life “almost famous” story. Hardcore, Hip Hop, and a latin chica.

ep 3: Rick Remender

In this episode of Inkpulp Audio, Shawn sits down with Rick Remender to discuss what make him tick. Rick goes deep and reveals some of his most honest and deep insecurities. Rick also discusses his decision to focus on writing over drawing, and how this has affected him and his career. Does success bring happiness? Has Marvel’s hottest writer found peace? Along the way Shawn and Rick discuss some parallels in their lives and a shared love for Hardcore. In the end, can Fugazi save us all? Tune in, turn on, but please… don’t drop out.