ep 13: Eric Canete Flips the script

Episode 13: Eric Canete Flips the script. One year ago today i launched this here podcast. I didn’t know what to expect form it. I didn’t really know why i was doing it. I hoped for an outlet to express my struggles, i hoped to reach a larger audience, i hoped to connect with listeners, i hoped to have some deep introspective conversations with fellow creators.  Most of all, i hoped for something honest and real. I didn’t expect the reception this podcast received and i certainly didn’t expect how revealing my guests would be. My first guest was Eric Canete. Eric is one of my absolute favorite artists, and i’m lucky enough to know him as a friend. This podcast wouldn’t exist without his (and others) support. Eric seemed to love what i was doing. He asked to interview me for an episode. I wasn’t sure what it would be like to turn the mic on myself, but i thought it would only be fair. We recorded that episode around 10 months ago. It just seemed fitting that we release that episode on the first birthday of Inkpulp Audio. So here i am, one year later, again with Eric Canete. Thanks, my man.
The success of the first episode make me realize that i had to release more than one a month. This year, I’m going to two episodes per month. I’ll release them on the first and the 15th, just like welfare checks. You know how we do.

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  1. Hey Shawn,

    Thank you.
    I could write about ten pages about how hard I dig Inkpulp Audio, but really, just… just thank you. The intro on Episode 13 hit me hard, especially the short part about mental health culture. You nailed it. Oh, and the McDonald’s story was tremendous.

    I’m going to dive in to the Eric Canete interview now. Just felt the need to say thanks a few times and to let you know that what you’re doing is really, really important. Thanks x10 and good luck in 2014.


  2. Hey there… i love your podcasts and often feel i relate to many issues you mention… This time, about drugs and therapy… i’ve tried it all, even been held in a mental ward a couple of times… Nothing’s worked for me so far. What i wanted to say is sometimes, just the drugs is enough to go through life without “feeling” it too much. Sometimes “just therapy” doesn’t work. Sometimes “drugs AND therapy”, which should be the ideal combination, doesn’t work either. Could you invite Sean Gordon Murphy? And Zach Howard? What about Jason Shawn Alexander? Andrea Sorrentino? And Ben Templesmith? Menton3? Oh, and what about Kent Williams? Rafael Albuquerque? And, if after this you have time, what about Brian Wood and Jae Lee? i know i’m asking for a lot and i might bow out gracefully before you even post next podcast but you’re not going to ban me for just asking, right? Anyways: THANK YOU very much!

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