ep 7: Matteo Scalera

Welcome to Episode 7 of Inkpulp Audio. I’m having a bad month, and I’m ready to whine about it. I turned 41 on fathers day, and i’m way behind schedule on my current project. My complex life has infected my weak mind once again. It’s a dam shame, i was feeling so good last month. There goes my emotional pendulum again, and lucky for you loyal listener, i’ll bitch and moan all about it. This episode also brings us an interview with Matteo Scalera. Matteo is one of the most centered, healthy people i’ve met in this business. WTF is he doing here, amongst the insecure, manic, and ego centric comic book creators. Fuck him. While i’m at it, why the fuck is a Parma native a vegetarian,? Yes, he’s from PARMA. Home of Prosciutto Di Parma. There is something wrong with this man, and i’ll get to the core of why. Then again, maybe i’m the one who’s screwed up.  Along our journey, Matteo will teach us about his history of studying music and making “The Prefect.” It’s life changing, mind altering, and quite simply another way to kill a couple of hours while doing what you do. Enjoy this months episode with a gem of a man and a hell of an artist. Get your coffee ready, and good luck making a “perfect.”

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  1. Another fantastic episode. Shawn, your story at the beginning touched on a lot of personal things that I’ve been dealing with lately. The “back-up plan”, the juggling of multiple careers — it all led me to make a very huge life decision recently, one that I’ve been questioning a lot. It’s comforting to know that are are other struggling with it, too, and it’s helpful to be reminded of the struggles that caused me to make the decision that I did.

    Thank you so much for this.

  2. Come on Shawn stop crying………………..(kidding) STAY STRONG BROTHER!!!

    Thank you so much I have listened to your pod casts with Sean Murphy, Eric Canete, and now Matteo S. You have given me an access to guys I wish I could have had a moment in time with like you did. As an artist this was a dream come true thank you SO MUCH MY FRIEND! Really awesome. By the way Matteo sounds just like the guy from Ciao ciao: Fabio Viviani a yahoo chef??? LOL I love it!

  3. I’ve never listened to a Podcast before. Gotta say, it’s pretty cool! I can relate to a lot of the stuff that you mentioned throughout the show. Really hit home on a couple of parts. I’m definitely going to stick around. So cool that you’re into Down. The EP they just put out is super rad. Keep up the great work and I hope everything works out for you!

  4. Hello and thank you for this wonderful podcast series… It is a great initiative and a source of inspiration for us, admirers… i’m not really good at using computers and all that so let me ask this silly question: how can we subscribe to your podcast? Do you have a mailing list of some sort? Thank you so much, once again, for launching into this!

    1. It’s simple. Go to the itunes store and search for Inkpulp Audio. When you see it click on it, then click on subscribe. It’ll download automatically to your iTunes. Thanks for you support!!!

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